Where the brightest minds in Canada gather to learn and connect.

Bet on Canada will zoom in on predictions, topics, tools, and strategies that will shape Canadian businesses in 2025!

Get up to speed and connect with Canadian business leaders to future-proof your career.

Coming to Calgary, and Toronto in the Fall of 2024.

Past partners include
Meet your people

Meet your future mentors, colleagues, sales prospects, hires, and—yes—friends that will help take your career to the next level.

Learn from the best

Hear from Canada's brightest minds in business, technology, and economics and get concrete insights you can apply to your job every day.

Generate leads

Have conversations with founders, investors, enterprise leaders, and key decision makers at some of Canada's top businesses that will spark deals, sales, and career opportunities.

Get exclusive perks and discounts

Access discounts and offers from Canada's most-used SaaS products. Whether it's finance, marketing, business development, we've got you covered.

What they're saying

“The connections I made at last year’s Bet on Canada Summit were a true level-up for my career. I formed as many valuable relationships in one day as I did the rest of the year.”

“I don’t know where else you’d go to learn from this number of high-calibre people. The speakers on Bet On Canada are at the top of their game. Learning from them was a massive value-add for my career.

“I’ve never been to a business event that packs this much concrete information and knowledge into one day. There was literally zero fluff, which was so refreshing.”

Companies that come to Bet On Canada

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Bet On Canada Summit Calgary 2024
September 17, 2024 - Calgary
Bet On Canada Summit Toronto 2024
November 5, 2024 - Toronto


Bet on Canada is a one day summit being hosted in Toronto, and Calgary in the Fall of 2024. Bet on Canada was founded by The Peak, a daily newsletter that provides busy Canadian professionals with the news they need every morning. As daily reporters of the must-know business, tech, and other stories of the day, who better to identify need-to-know trends. Bet on Canada is where you connect Canada's top and emerging business leaders.

1) Say 'Heck Yes" to being a part of the Bet on Canada Summit Tour this year 2) Decide on a city (Toronto, or Calgary) 3) Scroll to the bottom of the Home page and click through to your chosen city 4) Follow the registration prompt 5) You will receive two confirmation emails. One confirming your purchase and another with some juicy details about the event you are attending 6) Mark your calendar! 7) Message betoncanada@readthepeak.com if you have any issues

Once you purchase a ticket, that ticket is only valid for one city you purchased a ticket to. You may transfer the ticket to another should no longer be able to attend. This process can be followed via a hyperlink in your confirmation email.

Everyone (but we're biased)! You should attend Bet on Canada if you identify as one of the following: - You are the founder of a business (small all the way to enterprise) looking for expert advice on surviving and thriving in 2024. - You are the head of a business department within a larger organization (Marketing, Fundraising, Finance, and Product) - You are currently working in a company and looking for your next big opportunity! - You recently graduated and are looking for your first job out of school - You love the Canadian business and tech scene and want to meet likeminded people - You are a startup advisor or investor looking to connect with the ecosystem

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1) Buy a ticket 2) Speak 3) Partner

The Bet on Canada Summit is coming to major Canadian cities. See below for dates: 1) Calgary = September 17th 2024 2) Toronto = November 5th 2024

Not to worry! If you have an additional question, please reach out to betoncanada@readthepeak.com.